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Express Paint Touch Up

  • What are your paints made of?
    All of our products are urethane based, base-coat/clear-coat applications. Our paints have been thoroughly tested and are as good as or better than O.E.M. quality standards.
  • Is it necessary to use clear-coat?
    Absolutely, clearcoat is very important for multiple reasons. First of all, it makes the paint shine. Second, the clear actually creates a chemical bond with the base color that makes it chemical and weather resistant. Without clear-coat, your paint will not shine properly or be nearly as resilient as it should be.
  • How long will the paint last on my vehicle?
    It will last as long as your original paint if you care for it like your original paint. It will not wash off, or fade off over time. It is real paint, tested and designed to last.
  • What is a tri-stage color?
    Tri-stage colors, or tricoats, are special colors that require an additional step during application. Many pearl whites and a few reds are tri-stages. They simply require that you apply a base color first, let it dry, and then apply mid-coat. After the mid-coat comes the clear.
  • How do I know if my color is a tricoat?
    All tri-stage colors are indicated as tricoat and/or 3ct in the color description. For each tri-stage color you order, you will receive a base coat color and a mid-coat color. You will need a clearcoat to finish your paint job properly, but tricoat paint does not include clearcoat. We will apply the clearcoat to finish up the job.

Hail Damage

  • My Vehicle Was Damaged In A Hail Storm, What Do I Do?
    The first thing to do is to contact your insurance company and initiate a claim. You will be informed where to take your car or truck in order to have the damage assessed by an insurance adjuster.
  • I Am Meeting With My Adjuster, What’s Next?
    Allow the adjuster to inspect your car and write an estimate to repair the damages. This estimate may not be accurate, as it is just an estimate. When you have your car repaired, any difference between the amount of the estimate and the final invoice will be resolved between the repairing vendor and the insurance company by means of a supplement. Indianapolis Dent Company can help you with this process. The insurance adjuster will most likely encourage you to have your car repaired by one of their preferred vendors. We are a preferred vendor for many insurance companies, but you always have the option to choose Indianapolis Dent Company. Insurance companies can only recommend a place, it is up to you to decide who makes the repairs! Our quality work and thirteen year reputation has built our successful business.
  • I Have My Check, Now What?
    Most insurance companies will issue you a check once they have estimated the damage to your car. If you do not repair your car and you cash the check, you are, in effect, settling the claim for the amount of the estimate, when the actual amount could be higher. While it is tempting to just cash the check and not have your car repaired, there are consequences to consider before doing so such as future hail damage won’t be paid for or the vehicle value would not be sufficient to satisfy the lien in the event the vehicle is sold or traded.
  • How Long Will Repairs Take To Complete?
    When a catastrophic hail storm hits an area, everyone is affected at the same time. Indianapolis Dent Company prides itself on returning your car looking like new. This process is time-consuming and can run anywhere from a matter of hours to a few days depending on severity of the damage. Talk to your insurance company about your car rental options and we will do our best to finish the job in a timely manner.
  • Do You Guarantee Your Work? Is There A Warranty?
    Yes, at Indianapolis Dent Company we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We will make sure you are happy with the completed product. Once hail damage or a dent/ding is removed by our professional technique, it will not reappear. We are happy to provide you with a written lifetime warranty.
  • Will Making A Hail Damage Claim Increase My Insurance Rates?
    NO. There are two types of car insurance: comprehensive and collision. Comprehensive insurance offers protection against damage to your vehicle by any unknown cause, act of God or act of nature (this includes hail damage). Insurance companies do not raise an individual’s rates for these types of claims.
  • How Do You Do The Repairs?
    Skilled technician can meticulously remove Hail Damage from any panel on your vehicle. We use specially designed metal tools to gently apply pressure to the backside of your car’s sheet metal. Your factory finish remains intact and your dents will never reappear. We appreciate you choosing Indianapolis Dent Company where we will make your car look and feel new again!

Paintless Dent Repair

  • What Is Paintless Dent Repair?
    Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an industry recognized repair process that involves the removal of hail dents or other types of damage from a vehicle’s exterior surface panels without disturbing the finish.
  • When Can PDR Be Used?
    The PDR Process is often used to repair hail damage or other similar dent s that occur when an outer panel strikes (or is struck by an object) that hasn’t compromised the finish of the panel. Since the outer finish of the panel hasn’t been disturbed, it eliminates steps in the refinishing process and may allow for more timely repairs.The ability to repair vehicles using PDR requires the technician be able to access the back side of a dent. The technician will sometimes remove and install (R&I) parts or pieces carefully to gain access.
  • How Does PDR Work?
    In most cases, this procedure involves the use of specialized tools to massage the backside of the panel to remove surface imperfections. Damage may also be repaired by bonding a “tab” or other device to the exterior of the panel and pulling the dent from the topside. By using either of these techniques, the technician is able to restore panel appearance, this eliminating the need for refinishing the panel’s surface.
  • Why Should I Use PDR?
    Unlike some traditional auto body repair methods, which quickly drives up the cost of repairing even the smallest ding, PDR utilizes a special array of state-of-the-art tools and equipment that not only restore the original appearance of your vehicle, but also maintain the original structural integrity and safety of yourautomobile.Traditional auto body repair methods also depreciate the value of a vehicle as it might include the purchase of new panels, removal of trim as well as painting and blending with adjacent panels. PDR saves time, money, and often costs only a fraction of a traditional repair.